Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To Whom It May Concern,

I am so on top of things today. I feel like I reached some sort of domestic milestone. I used my sewing machine today people. Yes, that's what I said, my sewing machine. I repaired some of my workshirts, turned an ugly shirt into a cool shirt with little effort mind you, and mended some pillow case covers that I made a few years ago. After that I did the dishes and vacuumed! There is no telling what could happen next. As I type this, my Hubby is upstairs (I can hear the scuffing noise) mopping the kitchen floor! Have we all gone mad? Maybe the heat has fried my brain. Not sure about the Hubby though. Maybe his is some act of sympathy considering the floor really did need it. WHo knows. What an eventful/progressive day for this quiet little house. Maybe the toys will get picked up in the basement tomorrow!


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