Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two Birthdays, Easter, Disneyland-Oh My!!! Part 1

April was a busy month for our little family! No wonder I am so tired.....der.

A Sunday drive to Bear Lake....

In our new car. Sweet!


Bella was So Elated to meet Minnie Mouse...

she couldn't keep herself on the ground!!

Bella's fav, Mickey.

The very first roller coaster ride for Bella and she is in position!!


Kate has lost most of her excitement for the Princesses.

But thankfully it is very evident now in

Bella who thinks they are soooooo cool.

Check out her facial expressions.

If that's not happy then I don't know what is!

To Be Continued.....

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Rachel, Ana & Lily said...

Looks fun, I miss Disneyland...one thing that makes living in SoCal bearable! And congrats again to Tyler.