Thursday, July 05, 2007

What's the draw to the sparkly stuff?

I noticed the other day while browsing in a craft store how I have become drawn to stuff that is sparkly, glittery and shiny. You get the picture. I have not always been this way. This strange phenomenon has sort of gradually increased with every passing year. I call it a phenomenon because my Mom and Aunts are drawn to the same types of things. Their level of "sparkle" is by no means what my level of "sparkle" is and I contribute this solely to the fact that they are much older than I. So does this mean that when I am their age I will be a total sparkle nut case and I will have sparkly things around me and/or adorning me all the time? Only time will tell. I guess this isn't a bad thing necessarily. I really like marbles and have a pretty good collection going. This probably all started when I was a kid and I would love to pick up "pretty" rocks everywhere that I went. Strangely enough I still do it today and now my 7yr old has got quite the collection herself of "crystal" rocks. My latest craze are the colored stones you find in the floral department in craft stores. I have about every color and size there is and have great plans to create beautiful things with them. I also love that darn glittery scrapbook paper you can get and have used it lots in my girls scrapbooks. Before all of that, and this has just been in the last five years or so but I have somehow gotten way into jewelery. I love it all.
This is just a funny observation I have made about myself, Mom and Aunts. Who knows what will be next...maybe sequined sweaters. Heaven help us.


Rachel, Ana & Lily said...

dude...good to see you back in black. i guess that statement could be taken literally with your new black background.

it's absolutely no surprise that you collect organic light reflective objects. i remember christy collecting all sorts of kooky things to make stuff out of. you guys must be related!

sparkles are great, just don't go blingy with the sweater please!

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