Thursday, January 03, 2008


So I've decided that 2008 is the year that things are going to get changed up a bit around here.
Every once in a while I get this insane urge (usually it comes on when I am attempting to clean something) to burn the house down. What!?!?!? Yes, that's right. Burn it down. Of course I would get the family out, my computers out and maybe a jacket and of course my scrapbooks but as for the rest of it goes it could just all go down in flames. I realize that this is not the solution for my messy, to full house so don't worry I won't actually do it but the idea is slightly entertaining every once in a while.
When me and Tyler got hitched almost ten years ago we lived in this little one bedroom apartment in Sugarhouse and between the two of us did not have much. It just amazes me how much can be accumulated over time. So this year I am getting rid of a good chunk of it. Do I really need an entire rubbermaid container of raffia? Or purses? Or that many shoes? Come on. I don't use it! Its clogging my life and therefore clogging my brain!
In a way, getting rid of things you don't need or use is very liberating and cleansing.

So here is to the year of simplification. May it be all that I hope and really, really, really want it
it to be!


Allen Family said...

I'll make sure to not let Scott see this post, especially the part about too many purses. Come on, can you have too many? Scott questions that everytime I return from NY.

It is a good resolution, though. And having gone through a fire, my dad always says that it needs to happen to everyone so you realize how unnecessary everything is. :-)

khepworth said...

Simplify on!

Have you ever checked out On the left, cLick on fly lessons and then on declutter 15 minutes a day.

My Three Sons said...

I was going to suggest flylady, too. In fact, she has a book called "Sink Reflections". Might want to check it out! Anyway...hope you had a very merry Christmas, oh, and I love your new photo - you look great! said...

You're onto something with the whole house burning idea! It sounds like a good plan to me. Maybe I will try it out myself and let you know how it goes : )

Team Oakeson said...

Aaron & I went through this same thing last year. It was called "The Great Cleanse of 07" and it felt WONDERFUL! By October, the guys in the DI donation lane knew me by name. Good luck to you! It feels great to simplify your life.