Monday, January 26, 2009

Let Time Go By....Love is Forever

It's hard to believe that it has already been two weeks since I had me a baby. I can see her changing already and there is not a darn thing I can do about it. So I will treasure her now while she is oh so tiny and let her sleep with me because I don't care what anyone says-you can't spoil a baby and not let her out of my sight for very long because I just can't stand not to see her. I saw a cool little saying once that reads something like this:

Time Flies
Suns Rise
Shadows Fall.
Let Time Go By
Love Is Forever
I am going to just enjoy her now, let time go by and not be sad that she is getting bigger. I know I am such a sap lately but I can't help it I am in love. I hope my euphoric state lasts forever. I guess its all those hormones trying to realign themselves and what not. Don't care, I love it....


Mrs. Olsen said...

Never feel guilt about letting your baby sleep with you until they are older. Totally give yourself a break the first 2 months and enjoy your sweet little baby.

Team Oakeson said...

Oooooo ... She is delicious perfection! Sleep with her all you want. Love and snuggle and play with her all you want. You just soak up every precious moment! We love you guys & we're so happy for you. You are a gorgeous family. We miss having you close by.

My Three Sons said...

What a beautiful little princess ~ Congratulations! I am glad everything went well for you, makes me want a little girl even more!

Mandy said...

Oh Rochelle, I'm so glad you are loving this time! I needed to read that little quote. Thanks! I can't wait to meet the little beauty. Love ya!