Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Toothless Wonder!

Kate just lost her 2nd tooth on top. She is so totally thrilled and now has a little bit of a
lisp. She wants to know what the tooth fairy does with her teeth after she takes them. I didn't really have an answer because I think the tooth fairy is really sad that the baby teeth era is over (for Kate) and she doesn't really know what to do with these cute little baby teeth. She's probably thinking that she can't just throw them away. She can recall Kate's parents glee over those baby teeth as they came through when Kate was just 8 months old. Kate had the cutest little grin when you told her she was, "oh so cute!" and those teeth were there! Maybe the tooth fairy will just hang on to these two teeth for a while. Maybe just to make sure they are in a safe place, she will tape them to the inside of her nightstand where no one can find them.


Carolyn said...

Megan is just sprouting her baby teeth right now and until reading your post I never thought about what I will do one day when they fall out. I think I will be sentimental about it too.

khepworth said...

Such a cute toothless grin!

What else ya got taped inside that nightstand?

I love your playlist. I come to your blog just to listen to your music.

Rochelle said...

do you really want to know what else I got taped up there? hee hee