Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To The City of Midvale,

It seems that I am not going to be able to get on with my day until I have made written this.
I have a bee in my bonnet. A really big bee. What is up with your police officers? I am sure that they are only following orders when they pull everyone over under the sun for what seems like the lamest of "violations" but come on! Go solve some crime already! Why do I never see a patrol car in my neighborhood just "patrolling"? Go find the person or persons who stole my neighbors brand new lawn mower. Go find whoever it was that broke my stereo in my car and stole all of my awesome cds. What about the neighbors on the corner? I'm sure you're aware that one of their cars was stolen last year and the car was eventually found but did you find out who did it? I doubt it.  Maybe if you weren't so busy pulling everyone over, a portion if not all of these crimes could be prevented.  Don't even get me started on the houses that have been burglarized around here! Again, why do I never see any cops except the ones who are hiding over by the cemetery, hiding by the burger joint on state street and various other places just waiting to pull people over. Don't get me wrong, if someone is driving recklessly or is somehow endangering the lives of innocent people around them then by all means, go get them! But really? Pulling someone over for going five freakin' miles over the speed limit or something else ridiculous?
Was that $130 ticket really necessary? I turned right on a red light. Their is no sign there that says I can't turn on a red light. I looked. No sign. A warrant for my arrest because I have not paid the fine? Give me a break! You are aware, stupid Midvale City, that we are in the middle of a recession? Maybe I have not paid the fine because I do not have an extra $130 laying around for stupid traffic tickets and I especially don't have  the extra $290 that you want because I have not paid the $130! So you want $420 of my hard earned money? I don't think so. We own our home and pay our property taxes every year. I am vigilant about keeping an "eye" on my neighborhood and surrounding areas for anything suspicious. We, along with all my neighbors, keep our yards looking pretty darn nice compared to some other parts of this city. I even hosted the Neighborhood Block Party last year as part of Harvest Days! Thanks for showing up by the way. We REALLY appreciate it. (I say those last two sentences with an abundance of sarcasm because no one from the City bothered to show up)
I will see you in court in April. I will have pictures of that intersection with me. I am sure the bee will still be in my bonnet. I don't back down easily so get ready for a fight.
                                                 WITH A BEE IN MY BONNET


Wendy said...

Midvale city better watch out!!! BTW, I had no idea you were a wanted criminal. Hope it works out for you.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Yikes! That totally sucks. Sorry Roach.

A.J. said...

I agree that the police need to worry about real criminals and stop trying to get their quota's filled with petty crap.

Panharith said...

That totally sucks.

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