Monday, September 14, 2009

A Little Rant

There is nothing like starting out the day with a little ranting. I guess that would be type ranting if there is such a thing.

What is with my house? 

I can't for the life of me keep it clean and it is driving me crazy. I have heard somewhere that your house is a reflection of yourself and boy is that ringing true for me. I look around and I see piles of  "stuff" everywhere. This is what my brain feels like; Piles of stuff blocking the way of progress.Why doesn't everything have a home? Why is the stuff that does have a home out where I can see it not in its designated spot? And why do I have all of this other stuff? Who keeps messing things up? One thing that I CANNOT keep up on is the mail. I officially want the mail to stop. Nothing ever comes in the mail that is good anyway. Its always bills and bills and junk mail. I hate junk mail. Save a tree already by not printing some lame junk mail! Freak! Another issue is all the papers that my kids bring home from school. Enough already! We are not going to sign up for craft karate and lacrosse cooking. I don't care what the stupid PTA is doing and who the students of the month are. Again - save a tree. I grew up in a clutter free house. A clean one for that matter and I ought to know since I spent most of my saturdays as a kid cleaning it. What is wrong with me? It is so overwhelming that I sort of "shut-down" and have to leave the room. Is this ADD? I can't accomplish anything and see something through to the end except maybe my dishes. I really am starting to question my sanity. I used to be such an organized person. Of course I guess it is pretty easy to be organized when its just you and no kids or anything that needs to be taken care of.  I might be losing my mind. Who knows. All that I know is this morning I have accomplished nothing except getting my kids to school and feeding my baby. I am dressed and my teeth are brushed but come on! Lurking in the kitchen are canned goods that need to be put away, cheerios that need to be swept, a sink of dirty dishes to do, a HUGE pile of mail to sort through, a stack of grocery sacks to put away, a vacuum, red potatoes from my Mom, a full garbage can and thats just off the top of my head! I can't even talk about how bad the basement is right now. My kids are mess makers. I seriously am going to pick everything up that they won't pick up and put it away or give it away. I wonder who is boss here sometimes. I don't know that I feel any better but it doesn't matter if I do or not. I have to keep moving and at least then I will feel like I am getting something done.


Wendy said...


Meridee said...

You are not losing your mind. It's called having 3 children (and one being a baby). You rock. It'll get better. Hugs!

khepworth said...

Ugh! You just described my life, except I would not be dressed for the day OR have my teeth brushed.... said...

Lady, all I can say is that you are in good company. I feel this way a lot and it's so frustrating to feel so unproductive sometimes. A while back I was getting so down on myself so I decided to write down every little thing that I did in the course of the day and it was surprising how much I actually had accomplished, it just wasn't the tangible things like dishes, sweeping, etc.

You should give it a try. Chances are that you're actually being very productive but it's on the things (like your family) that matter most instead of all that other stuff.

As for all the paper, I couldn't agree with you more, especially on all the paper that comes home from school.

Adawn said...

Welcome to having 3 kids - isn't it fun!?!?!?! I also used to be VERY clean and organized and I now am less so. But after I learned to embrace the fact that things were going to be just a bit (a lot) different - it's better. I don't get the big Saturday cleanings done as often - my floor is just generally dirty - I sweep like crazy but the mopping just has to wait - and so on and so forth. You're doing so great - go play with your baby - work on a craft - enjoy your day. It'll get done - or be there tomorrow :) (heehee)